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How to Properly Store your Autumn Vegetable Harvest

Monday, October 21, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Lauren Middleton
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As October swiftly comes to a close, Harvest time will soon come. Squash, Pumpkins, Garlic, Cabbage, and Onions are the 5 of the most common Autumn vegetables to harvest. If you store them properly, they will last for Thanksgiving dinner and beyond. Today’s article will be on how to properly store your autumn vegetable harvest.

Examine the vegetables closely, if they have bruises or nicks, it is better to compost or toss them because damaged vegetable will rot more swiftly. Winter storage for dry vegetables is actually easier because winter is less humid. Just find a cool and dark place off of the floor and make sure the vegetables aren’t in physical contact with each other.

Potatoes and cabbage should be stored in containers rather than being exposed to air. You should wrap the vegetables in newspaper and leave a hole in the container for moisture to escape. Potatoes can easily rot in moist places. Again, it is important that the vegetables do not touch each other. 
You may want to instinctively wash the vegetables after you harvest them but it is actually better to simply brush the dirt off of them. Save the washing for when you want to consume them. When you do wash them, just rinse them as opposed to soaking  them. 

You’ll want to periodically check on your stored vegetables. If one starts to rot, chances are they will all rot. If you find any that have started to rot away, dispose of them immediately and keep an eye on the vegetables to make sure they don’t start to waste away. When you go store your onions and garlic, snip off the tops and dry them out to increase the time they can be kept in storage. Like most autumn vegetables, onions should be stored in a dry and dark place. 

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